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Battery Storage


As Australia’s retail electricity prices continue to rise, many residential and business customers are looking to become as energy independent as possible, seeking a buffer from the impact and gaining greater control. The answer to achieving this lies with solar battery storage.

A solar battery stores the power you generate during the day but don’t use, providing a solar energy resource at night, during overcast conditions, a power outage or when you need to draw more than your panels are producing. It’s a higher return on investment all around as rather than selling your unused energy back to the grid for a moderate fee, you get to use it yourself when you need to, avoiding paying retail electricity prices during these times.

Your solar inverter will have an integrated smart system to monitor when your energy consumption is in excess so that your generated energy will now power your home at the same time as storing your excess energy.

Just like solar panels in recent times, batteries have become increasingly more affordable for home and business owners. So, getting off the grid has never been easier, giving you immense benefit from the independence it brings. Talk to us about the Government incentives available and no deposit, no-interest loans to get you started without any negative impact on your current budget.


Solar power solutions


Together, we can change to a more cost-efficient, sustainable, clean form of energy while at the same time help save the environment.

  • Take advantage of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, significantly reducing the cost of your system.
  • Get paid for the electricity you produce
  • Recover your system cost in as little as 3-5 years.
  • Add value to your property.
  • Insulate yourself from rising energy costs.


Our consulting design, approval and implementation process enables us to manage your entire solar project in three simple steps.

Our proccess

Free Consultation & Solution Design

Our CEC accredited technician will analyse your electricity bill and roof to enable them to customise a design that will produce maximum savings and the fastest possible return on investment.

Approvals & Paperwork

Once the quote is accepted, our reliable admin team will handle the SAPN approvals and assist with the application to your retailer for the meter change.


We use in house CEC certified solar installers and A Class electricians. No work is carried out by sub-contractors. You will receive a hard copy of the instruction manual for your system as well as training on the start-up, shut down and monitoring process by the installer on the day of install.


The Home Battery Scheme gives all grid-connected South Australians access to state government subsidies and low-interest loans - provided by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation - to help pay for a home battery system and new solar if required.

The subsidy is available to all South Australians and is calculated on the kilowatt-hour capacity of the battery purchased. Furthermore, Energy Concession Holders are eligible for a higher subsidy, ensuring low-income households are supported to access the Scheme. The subsidy will continue to be phased down as uptake of the Scheme increases.

Current Home Battery Scheme subsidy levels:

  • Energy concession holder
  • All other households
  • Maximum subsidy per battery installation
  • $300 per kWh
  • $200 per kWh
  • $3,000

The cost of a home battery system varies depending on the size of the battery, and whether you need to purchase new or additional solar panels. As a guide, download the HBS System Price Guide.


Subject to credit approval, low interest loans are available to assist participating households pay for the balance of the battery and new solar panels if required. When applying for the subsidy, a loan application can be made through Plenti (formerly RateSetter) - the administrator of the Home Battery Scheme subsidy and $100 million in finance provided by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.Use the Plenti (formerly RateSetter) Home Battery Scheme calculator to calculate your loan repayments.


The Scheme has been designed to ensure every household on the grid is eligible to purchase a subsidised home battery system. However, South Australian Energy Concession Holders will be able to access a higher subsidy, further assisting low-income households to access the Scheme. To claim the subsidy, an approved battery system needs to be installed by a ‘Qualified System Provider’ who is qualified under the Scheme.

The Terms and Conditions of the subsidy are available to download below:
Subsidy TermsCustomer and Site Eligibility


Unified Energy Solutions is proudly an official Qualified System Provider of the scheme. Please contact us for more information.