Residential and Commercial Solar Adelaide.

With 20yrs in the electrical sector in Adelaide, Unified Energy Solutions is well positioned to assist with your solar needs. 

Residential Solar.

Achieving a successful solar installation begins with taking a long-term view. Your return on investment should be calculated over at least 25 years to get a very clear financial picture and then use this information to determine your budget.

Government incentives are still available in Australia to significantly lower the cost of solar, while our no deposit, no-interest loans then remove any remaining barrier to running your home on renewable energy and getting rid of the high energy bills asap.

As Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers and retailers, we have proven to the leading Australian solar body that we respect and uphold all regulations and standards for product choice, system design, ethical business practices and customer-first focus. Our relationship with the CEC also means that they are available to you as a third party should you ever have any concerns.

Our design team will analyse your current electricity bill and assess your electricity demand to ensure maximum cost savings and the quickest return on investment. We can also integrate battery storage into your solution to give you the power to hold onto the energy you generate for use when your solar panels are not producing (e.g. at night and during a blackout).

Average Household Savings.

Residential Solar Savings Adelaide

Benefits of Going Solar.

Take advantage of up to $7,000 in rebates.

Get paid for the excess energy you produce.

ROI in as little as 3 years.

Pay nothing upfront and save from day 1.

Insulate yourself from rising energy prices,

Reach Net Zero for Energy in your home.

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Commercial Solar Adelaide.

A commercial solar installation is one of the most powerful ways you can lower your operating costs and one of the few ways that actually saves you more each year.

As electricity prices continue to rise, your solar system shields you from the impact, all the while moving closer to outright ownership of your system and a 100% return on investment.

Whether you are a large or small enterprise, a solar system will also significantly reduce your environmental impact (which is good for the environment and your public profile), in addition to increasing the value of your property.

Commercial Solar Adelaide
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Our Services.

We are delivering high quality solar and electrical services to residential and commercial customers throughout South Australia. 

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Residential and Commercial Solar Installers. 

Electricity is one of our most significant expenses. Get a new lease on life with the savings that a quality, tailor-made solar system is guaranteed to bring. We can also integrate battery storage into your solution to bring your energy bill close to $0.

professional battery installers

Professional Solar Battery Storage Solutions. 

As electricity prices continue to rise, many home and business owners are reaching for ways to become truly energy independent. Get off the grid with a solar battery that stores your excess energy for use at night, during overcast weather or a blackout.

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Commercial and Residential Electrical.

As a working part of a much larger team in construction, our commercial electrical services are designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule on time and on budget. We do new build first and second fix, shop fit-outs, switchboard upgrades & full rewires.