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Solar for Home & Business


Achieving a successful solar installation begins with taking a long-term view. Your return on investment should be calculated over at least 25 years to get a very clear financial picture and then use this information to determine your budget.

Government incentives are still available in Australia to significantly lower the cost of solar, while our no deposit, no-interest loans then remove any remaining barrier to running your home on renewable energy and getting rid of the high energy bills asap.

As Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers and retailers, we have proven to the leading Australian solar body that we respect and uphold all regulations and standards for product choice, system design, ethical business practices and customer-first focus. Our relationship with the CEC also means that they are available to you as a third party should you ever have any concerns.

Our design team will analyse your current electricity bill and assess your electricity demand to ensure maximum cost savings and the quickest return on investment. We can also integrate battery storage into your solution to give you the power to hold onto the energy you generate for use when your solar panels are not producing (e.g. at night and during a blackout).


commercial solar installation

Solar for homes


A commercial solar installation is one of the most powerful ways you can lower your operating costs and one of the few ways that actually saves you more each year.

As electricity prices continue to rise, your solar system shields you from the impact, all the while moving closer to outright ownership of your system and a 100% return on investment.

Whether you are a large or small enterprise, a solar system will also significantly reduce your environmental impact (which is good for the environment and your public profile), in addition to increasing the value of your property.


Together, we can change to a more cost-efficient, sustainable, clean form of energy while at the same time help save the environment.

  • Take advantage of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, significantly reducing the cost of your system.
  • Get paid for the electricity you produce
  • Recover your system cost in as little as 3-5 years.
  • Add value to your property.
  • Insulate yourself from rising energy costs.


Our consulting design, approval and implementation process enables us to manage your entire solar project in three simple steps.

Our process

Free Consultation & Solution Design

Our CEC accredited technician will analyse your electricity bill and roof to enable them to customise a design that will produce maximum savings and the fastest possible return on investment.

Approvals & Paperwork

Once the quote is accepted, our reliable admin team will handle the SAPN approvals and assist with the application to your retailer for the meter change.


We use in house CEC certified solar installers and A Class electricians. No work is carried out by sub-contractors. You will receive a hard copy of the instruction manual for your system as well as training on the start-up, shut down and monitoring process by the installer on the day of install.